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My PS3 have Red and Yellow Light Symptoms!

I have had the Yellow Light of Death problem and when you contact Sony they simply claim that you have to fork out $300 to get the problem fixed! There are also no guarantees ...

PS3 Red and Yellow Light

Can I Disassembly My PS3?

Yes! You can. With a proper repair guide with video, you can do it as easy as a professional ps3 repairman ...

Disassembly PS3

The Main Problem Is In The Hardware Part!

According to the PS3 users feedback, 90% of errors are in the hardware part. Especialally related to the motherboard overheat ...

PS3 Motherboard Fix

How To Fix PS3 Red Screen Error.

PS3 Red Screen Error is also a common fault in PS3 game console, the most possible fixes is in the part of the repair guide ...

PS3 Motherboard Fix

PS3 Freezes? Check Your Blu-Ray Drive!

PS3 got freezes? You must check the blu-ray drive. The main symptom is PS3 got hang up when playing games ...

PS3 Blu-Ray Drive Error

Can't Boot Up? Your Hard Disk Crashed!

Nothing serious than can't boot up your PS3 console! That's right, your hard disk may got failure. Follow the step-by-step repair kit to do recovery ...

PS3 Hard Disk Recovery
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Suspect your PS3 Blu-Ray Drive got errors and need to replace it? You can find many PS3 parts include blu-ray disc drive in eBay :

After bought the blu-ray drive, you can follow the repair materials in PS3RedLightsFix to replace it. It's not hard indeed!